Do you have a brilliant idea for a book photography session website business

But don’t know how to get that brilliant idea out into the world?

If this sounds like you, welcome!

my name is Bree


I am a photographer, writer, and graphic designer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In other words, a multi-passionate creative professional. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I finally settled on all the things. I love being a renaissance creative because it challenges me to learn hard stuff, pursue the unknown, and say yes (most of the time) to trying new things. I do draw the line at improv and singing in public.

Using my skills to help others with their creative projects is a joy and a privilege.

Started Here



My second grade art teacher selected my drawing of a flower (I know, very unique) for a student art show. I believe my creative journey started here, with me standing proud and happy next to a small chalk drawing of a flower, parents and grandparents offering exclaimations of delight.

Learned a lot and took some risks



Graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in English Literature and professional writing. I also took some art and photography classes, but in the end went with the so-much-more-practical English Lit degree. No regrets!



Volunteered with AmeriCorps NCCC and worked with FEMA on natural disasters and preparedness. I was the media rep on my team, which gave me experience taking photos, creating presentations, and writing press releases and blog posts. 



Worked in the interior book design department at Baker Publishing Group. I learned so much about typesetting, design, figure and illustration creation, and publishing. Working in book publishing = lots of fun and regular papercuts. During these years I built up a small photography business and took freelance book design jobs. I was also the graphic designer for a writers conference for two years.


June–December 2021

Needing a change, I left my job and embarked on a challenging and wonderful creative sabbatical. I spent six months traveling, writing, learning, and recharging. I took trips to new places, started writing two books, created three websites, read a million books, dabbled in drawing, met new people, and planned for the future.

And here we are


January 2022

Started a freelance creative business called Bree Rose Creative. 

My Creative Philosophy


Make it Accessible

Pursuing any creative project can be intimidating and scary, whether it’s writing a book, starting a business, or getting your photo taken. I’ve been there! But the creative process doesn’t have to be that way. I bring you along for the ride when we work together, by answering questions, teaching, and making sure you feel comfortable and excited about the project.


Do it with Joy

You know that zing of happiness you get while working on something that is both challenging and fun? I look for that zing in every project I work on. Sometimes its buried deep, but I believe we do our best creative work when we can find it. 


Deliver Value

Creative excellence matters, and I strive to deliver the best of my work so you, in turn, can send out the best of yours. Perfection is a myth, but I work hard, always learn, and put my all into every project.